Sea Shell Mirror

Sea Shell Mirror

This mirror was purchased from a discount store for two pounds.
Any old mirror will do, providing it has a flat frame, preferably wooden.
If you do not have a collection of shells, look in charity shops, car boot sales
or jumble sales for shell flowerpot hangers or necklaces.
These can be taken apart and utilised.

Place the shells over the frame until you are satisfied with the design,
then using either a hot glue gun or "No More Nails" adhesive,
glue the shells in the desired position and leave to set.

When the shells are firmly in place, cut a sheet of newspaper a little smaller
than the size of the mirror and cover the glass using masking tape.
Spray with, or brush on, gold paint.
Left over gold aerosol paint from Christmas is ideal.

To give the frame a distressed look, apply a very small amount of
cream emulsion, using a dry brush.
It's a good idea to wipe surplus paint onto a piece of kitchen roll.

Finish off by making a hanger using rope or cord.

Hang it on the wall, step back and admire it-and yourself!

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